Semicolon, a premium Modern furniture brand, has been launched from the House of Floor & Furnishings a respected and quality name in home furnishings. Floor and Furnishing founded in 1984 by Mr. Subhash Khandelwal, Has established his image for high quality upholstery fabrics, carpets & rugs, Meticulously designed and tastefully presented, has earned customer confidence and preference over the years. Semicolon furniture now offers a selected range of sofas, chairs, dining, dinning chairs, Bedroom Furniture bringing to life the floor and furnishings fabric magic.

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The brand’s exclusive experience center will function as a touch point for customers to get an idea about the look and feel of the diverse range of world-class designer furniture concepts, and after selection, Semicolon Furniture will be responsible for delivering the product straight to the customer’s doorstep from our warehouse.

True to its name, “Premium and Affordable” Semicolon as a price tag is truly premium and really affordable. Semicolon goes beyond ordinary furniture concepts and brings forth a collection of aesthetic concepts with love to design contemporary homes. Therefore, Each product meets the brand’s high-quality standards. We emphasize comfort and aesthetics while delivering well designed, fun and functional furniture solutions to you.

The Company continues to follow the guiding principles of innovative products based on consumer research and focusing on customer satisfaction and delight through the highest standard of quality & service.

The brand’s uniquely designed products include Furniture articles like sofa, chair, recliners, tables and accessories collection and we constantly add stunning new products to our range to help our customers make their homes beautiful as per the latest trends.

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